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Research activities

Fields of research interests are in the areas of Quantum Chemistry, Cluster Physics & Chemistry and Computational Materials Research.
  • Quantum Chemistry
  • Cluster Physics & Chemistry
  • Computational Material Research
  • Development & Application of Density-functional based methods
  • Materials Research
  • Density-Functional-Theory based methods for calculations of geometric structure, electronic structure and dynamics of molecules, Clusters and condensed systems
  • Quantum Molecular Dynamics (QMD) for studies of dynamical processes
  • Current Density Functional Theory (CDFT) for calculations of NMR parameters, as chemical shifts
  • new clusters as building blocks of cluster assembled matter
  • Nanostructures materials, as for example nanotubes
  • Biomolecules concerning possibilities of a biological modification of biological materials
  • searches for new materials with exceptional properties, as for example super hard materials, materials for Lithium ion batteries, ...



Antje Völkel
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FakultätChemie und Lebensmittelchemie
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